Frequently Asked Questions

Once your Organization is approved, you will receive a website like the following link. You will be able to customize it in just minutes with you own Pictures, Mission Statemnt, Logo and Description. Click this link to see demo.
No. There are no additional costs.
Your Organization keep 40% of all Membership Sales Revenues. Again, there is nothing to pay upfront!
At the end of you fundraiser, we send the founds to your Organization by check or direct within 7 business days.
You will receive a free back office so you can log in and see your donations in real time. You will know who made the donation, who referred the donation and exactly how much you will receive.
Once a donation is made, the donor will receive a code on the order-thank-you page that displays their activation information so they can activate their membership instantly. There for you to fullfill.
Once your website is ready, they can click on the "Promote" link on your website and get their own link to promote for you.
We contract group rates for over 1 Million hotel rooms and thousands of Condo Vacation rooms each month. We pass all the savings on to you donors, so they get wholesale pricing on their bookings.
Our travel engine show real-time, comparisons between our non-published group rates and the public rates and the public prices of the most well-know travel search engines
All prizes provided by us can be redeemed easily online with any internet connection.
Your agent will assist you in getting started. We are also here to you with any questions you may have.
Your agents contact information is at the bottom of this page. Thank you.